Innovation and Technology


We support health innovations, facilities and technologies designed to improve clinical outcomes for patients. 

Click below to read a summary of our innovation programme and our partnerships:

Health Innovations

We award grants to fund a variety of innovative projects, technologies and equipment to help patients at both Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and West Middlesex University Hospital.

We have supported ThinkVitals™ - a tablet-based solution replacing paper-based documentation meaning that patient blood pressure, temperature, pulse rate and other vital sign observations are captured, stored, viewed and processed digitally. The software automatically calculates early warning scores, helping identify and act on patient deterioration and sepsis earlier.

We have invested in RetVas, a novel diagnostic software that analyses retinal images to detect cardiovascular health deterioration and Retinopathy of Prematurity (RoP), which can lead to blindness in babies if not treated.

Our laser treatment at sexual health clinic 10 Hammersmith Broadway is one of only two such facilities in the UK and offers treatment which takes less time, replaces conventional surgery and drug therapy costing the NHS significantly less.

We have recently undertaken a 12-week evaluation of an exciting new wearable technology 'Sensium' in the Acute Medical Unit at West Middlesex University Hospital. The device constantly senses and wirelessly tracks patient temperature, pulse and respiratory rate which aims to reduce the length of patient stay and detect patient deterioration earlier. 

In partnership with Patients Know Best and the Care Information Exchange, we have supported the launch of a virtual clubfoot clinic using the Ponseti technique. This clinic will enable staff to see patients remotely via teleconferencing and allow patients to view their care plans and patient records remotely.

DigitalHealth.London Accelerator

The DigitalHealth.London Accelerator aims to identify innovative technologies to benefit patients. The Accelerator aims to speed up the adoption of innovation at scale, ensuring that greater numbers of patients benefit from emerging new technology, more rapidly. CW+ is one of the strategic delivery partners for the Accelerator and we are working to support innovations at our hospitals.

The projects we are currently working on include the "ostom-I" which has been developed by 11 Health to improve the lives of patients with an excretory stoma - where an opening is made in the abdomen allowing waste to pass from the body. The sensor is clipped on to a patient's ostomy pouch and uses Bluetooth wireless technology to alert patients of when it needs replacing, continuously relaying data on discharge rates and volume to both the patient and clinical teams. The sensor is currently being piloted at both of our hospitals and this pilot will inform a larger multi-centre clinical trial exploring the link between use of the sensor and a number of quality of life and clinical outcomes including self-management, sleep quality, self-confidence, acute kidney injury and hospital readmission rates.

Click here to read more about some of the latest innovations we have brought to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in partnership with the Accelerator programme.


Small Change Big Impact

We award small, fast-track grants of up to £2000 to fund ideas and projects which improve patient experience. These grants could be ward enhancements, recreational projects, non-essential equipment. 

Projects we have funded through this programme include a games console and balance board for the Stroke unit to assist with patient rehabilitation, bereavement cards to send to families, dedicated wheelchairs for the maternity unit, and a sensory trolley to help calm and distract children before they have surgery.


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