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The difference in global maternal health between well-off and resource-poor communities is vast. The life-time risk of maternal death for women in Chad is 1 in 15 compared to 1 in 6,900 in the UK.

98% of all new born deaths occur in developing countries. Tragically many of these deaths are easily preventable as they follow treatable illnesses, such as simple infections or breathing difficulties.

CW+ New Futures wants to change this by:

  1. Improving the skills and care of maternity teams in resource-poor settings;
  2. Providing high-quality maternity interventions via an ‘Global Obstetric Trainee Scheme’;
  3. Repairing and treating chronic maternity conditions such as obstetric fistula;
  4. Trialling affordable, effective interventions to prevent fistula formation;
  5. Adapting MedNav, an innovative emergency application, for resource-poor settings.

We need to raise £750,000 over the next three years to implement these plans.

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