We are fortunate to have a history of pioneering staff at West Middlesex: many past staff members have been vital to the development and improvement of care and treatment at West Middlesex and beyond, and we continue to celebrate the legacy of their work, as well as the new innovative projects carried out by our current staff.

West Middlesex is home to staff from around the world, particularly since the postwar period, when the government first launched a targeted campaign to encourage international healthcare workers to come to Britain. We are proud to celebrate 20 years since our first Filipino nurses arrived at West Middlesex, who have not only added to the international culture of our hospital staff, but also to the local community.

From consultants to cleaners, paediatric nurses to porters, the dedicated staff at West Middlesex University Hospital have shared memories and stories to mark the hospital’s centenary. Learn about their experiences below: 

Eden Cabucos

Eden was one of the first nurses to be part of a pioneer recruitment programme from the Philippines in 2000. She tells us her story of being interviewed in Manila, travelling to London, and her initial impressions of arriving at West Middlesex one cold winter morning. Over the past 20 years, she has built her careerher home, and her family here, becoming Ward Manager and a deeply valued member of our staff.