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To learn more about the grants we award and for an application form, click one of the headings below. More scheme-specific information about timelines and eligibility criteria are included in each application pack. If you need any assistance with completing a grant application form, please email

SCBIs are grants up to £2,000 that focus on helping staff to provide better patient care and experience.  

Past applications have been awarded for: 

  • Clinical equipment such as a capnograph monitor  
  • Paediatric resus/airway teaching trolley  
  • Non-clinical equipment such as screens for patients in waiting areas  
  • Headphones/tablets for patients undergoing regional anaesthesia 
  • Pain therapy management books 

Download an application form here or email

‘I’d definitely recommend applying for a grant – it’s very easy. You can make big differences to your team and your clinical area.’ 

Kate Sharkey, Ward Senior Sister and SCBI awardee 

We fund projects up to £50,000 that promote new clinical innovations, services, facilities and technologies. This could also include enhancements to the physical environment and hospital amenities, as well as art, wellbeing and participation activities. 

Past bids have included: 

Support for outpatients’ complementary therapy for patients undergoing chemotherapy at the Mulberry Centre, West Middlesex University Hospital. Complementary therapies can help to calm, soothe and de-stress during treatment, which can takes up to five hours.

One-year proof-of-concept funding for a Specialist in Palliative Care and End of Life Care Clinical Fellow. This role supports the team to deliver simulation training using highly realistic manikins and enables them to extend the offer to include other clinical staff, including therapists and nursing colleagues. 

CW+ and the Friends of Chelsea and Westminster are jointly running a grants programme for projects between £2,000 and £10,000 that will help Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust staff deliver better patient experience and care.

Download a full application for projects under £10,000 here, or download a full application for projects over £10,000 here.

Funding of up to £2,000 is available for staff wishing to undertake education and development opportunities outside of their own hospital/clinic, or to bring in specialist trainers to share and disseminate best practice.   

Activities must be outside of the mandatory training for your role and we will not fund study leave or backfill. We will consider funding applications from all patient-facing staff, clinical or non-clinical, employed by the Trust on permanent contracts.  

Past awarded applications include: 

  • Health Care and Maternity Support Worker Conference 
  • Managing Challenging Conversation Virtually course 
  • Fundamentals of Cancer Care course 
  • Basic Statistics in Clinical Trials course 
  • Breastfeeding in the NICU lecture pack

Download an application form here or email for more information.

‘The grant provided me with great support for my professional development.’

‘The CW+ Grants Programme is the easiest way to get course funding, and the people from CW+ are very helpful.’

SWAGs are grants up to £500 per staff area that focus on helping to improve staff wellbeing and morale.  

Past applications that have been awarded include:  

  • Fridge/microwave for a staff room  
  • Team-building day  
  • Lockers, heater and fan for staff room 

Download an application form here or email for more information.

‘It was amazing how something as simple as a lunch really brought everyone together!’  

Tiernan Sheehan, Junior Service Manager for Dermatology and SWAG awardee 

‘The process was so quick and simple. Within a week of making the application I received an email from the charity letting me know it had been approved. I was over the moon.’

Jennifer Grange, Senior Health Play Specialist and SCBI awardee