Enterprising Health Partnership

Our Enterprising Health Partnership, with the hospital, supports innovative ideas from staff which can make a real difference to patients' lives. Up to £50,000 of funding is available for initiatives that improve patient care and experience and which generate revenue or real cost savings for the hospital.

Latest projects

BeYou+ HIV Wellbeing App – Physiotherapist Darren Brown is leading a team of HIV experts in designing an app to support the health and wellbeing of people living with HIV. As well as including NHS guidelines and professional advice, the app sets targets and once these targets have been met, an arts-based award is given to the user. More information.

Mum & Baby app – Obstetrician Sunita Sharma and staff from the hospital have developed an app for new mums which provides up to date information, which is easily accessible as and when required. The app gives mums a range of topics to support them in looking after their baby and themselves. The app is undergoing an upgrade and should be published in the autumn of 2016. Download the app:   Apple iOS | Android

Acute Oncology app – Oncologist Tom Newsom-Davis has designed an app that provides staff with the official treatment guidelines for patients with acute oncology presentations. The app also features a directory of service for all oncology units in the London Cancer Alliance. Download the app:  Apple iOS 

Hand Therapy app - Senior Occupational Therapist Hayley Fay has designed an app that helps hand therapy patients to better follow and understand their rehabilitation program. The app will allow patients to access over 80 tutorial hand therapy exercise videos which, with the guidance of a hand therapist, should improve rehabilitation. More information.

MedNav – Consultant obstetrician Shane Duffy is developing a medical navigation system to help teams during emergencies, ensuring tasks are delegated effectively, guiding teams in real time and recording activities for handover and evaluation. More information.

Smoking Cessation Social Impact Bond - Working with the North West London Clinical Commissioning Group, together with Thrive Tribe’s Kick It programme, we are supporting patients at the hospital to give up smoking. The service provides specific stop-smoking clinics for maternity, respiratory cardiac and pre-operative patients.

RELAX Anaesthetics - Children can be naturally anxious before an operation. This can lead to a higher chance of complications and delays to operating. Anaesthetists Peter Brooks and Corina Lee have designed an app platform to relax and distract children through music, arts and games in anaesthetics rooms prior to surgery. Relaxation tools are available at the touch of a button to help provide calmer and more efficient anaesthetic inductions and a better experience for children, families and staff. More information.

Do you have an innovative idea?

Think of the biggest challenge in your department. Think of a way to solve that challenge. Now, contact us to make that solution a reality.

We will help you to develop your ideas into manageable projects with real impact, and work with research teams to measure the experiential, clinical and financial benefits.

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