Meet our arts volunteers

We are lucky to have the help of a fantastic team of volunteers to deliver our performing arts activities and support the management of the art collection. Whether it is meeting performers, helping with refreshments or writing interpretation labels, our volunteers are all valuable members of the CW+ team.

Rebecca Argyle

Volunteers for our Memory Lane programme, Nell Gwynne and Edgar Horne Wards.
"I volunteer for Memory Lane as listening to the piano brings relief, health benefits and happiness to patients and visitors. Sometimes patients, visitors and staff gather around the piano and sing as if we're in a piano bar! The rewards have been amazing and I leave feeling happy to have helped and with a tune in my head."

Uberto Orlando

Volunteers for our Lunchtime performances in the atrium, followed by ward visits.
"I really enjoy volunteering for CW+! I am a musician myself, so I love bringing live music to people, especially when it can be a source of relief and happiness. It’s such a little effort from us and it means a lot for the patients."

Marco DeAngelo 

Volunteers for our Tea and Music sessions, Ron Johnson Ward.
"I volunteer because I enjoy being around people and I hope that in the one hour that I spend with the patients, we get a chance to take our minds off everyday problems."

Helena Pearson

Volunteers for our Memory Lane Training Programme, David Erskine and Lord Wigram Wards.
"I chose to volunteer for Memory Lane as I thought it would be an interesting project. So far I've found it to be rewarding for both the patients and the musicians involved and sometimes even the staff sing along!"

Sabine Casparie

Volunteers to help look after our permanent art collection.
I hadn’t realised the many benefits that art can bring to people in hospital until I started volunteering for CW+. It is rewarding to write interpretation labels for the patients and staff so the artworks start to ‘live’. CW+’s art strategy is fascinating to witness, devising different kinds of artworks for different units in the hospital. For example, seaside photographs for patients with dementia and playful illustrations of the universe for the children".

Caroline Renard

Volunteers to help look after our permanent art collection.
"The hospital is lucky to have a fantastic art collection that gives a special feel to the place as soon as you walk in. Helping to manage the Collection involves research, writing, auditing, moving works and talking with patients, visitors and staff. This, together with helping run art classes on the dementia and stroke wards, something that is both beneficial and fun for the patients, is also hugely rewarding."

Are you interested in volunteering for our art and design programme? We are often on the lookout for people who can commit on a weekly basis. For more information, please contact Andy Hall (performing arts): e. | t. 020 3315 6581 or Naomi Good (visual arts): e. | t. 020 3315 6617

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