Artist Spotlight: Rebecca Gilpin

Our collection of digital and visual artworks at Chelsea and Westminster is always growing, whether this be from specially commissioned works, department specific purchases, or the generous donations of local and national artists. We sometimes have the pleasure of meeting an artist who has decided to donate a work due to a very positive experience in the hospital, one such artist being Rebecca Gilpin; an up-and-coming London based painter who has featured in the Evening Standard and Saatchi Art.

Crickets Sing for Anamaria is now on display in Ron Johnson ward at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. We were delighted to be visited by Rebecca once her painting was installed, to see her work in situ and talk about her inspiration behind the painting, and reasons for donating the work.

Also a musician, Rebecca has created a piece of music to compliment her work, which resonates themes of Bossa Nova, Drum and Bass and Brazilian culture which inspired the bright and expressive colours in her painting.

Rebecca Gilpin and Prof. Mark Bower
Artist Rebecca Gilpin with friend and Consultant Oncologist at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, Professor Mark Bower

I created this painting after a trip to Brazil. I went to see lots of live Bossa Nova concerts as it is one of my favourite genres of music and I feel it has been somewhat lost and forgotten. Throughout my life I have always been an avid music fan and researcher, fascinated in all kinds of music from Baroque to Drum and Bass. At this point in time I was thinking about the idea of mixing together different techniques and styles I have learnt through various art inspirations of mine from a mixture of time periods and art movements. I was looking at artists like Patrick Heron and Chris Martin the painter. I hired a producer and explained my ideas to him that I wanted to combine Bossa Nova with drum and bass and take samples from James Brown songs in dialogue with more current musicians representing other genres. This idea sounds like it wouldn’t work at all, but it really does. The paintings are a visual representation of this idea I had. The yellow and oranges are reminiscent of the Bossa Nova music and the feeling I got when in Brazil and the purple and green are reminiscent of the colours I would choose to represent drum and bass music.

I really hope this painting brings happiness to your patients and staff over the years!

Rebecca Gilpin

Rebecca Gilpin Painting