Artwork Spotlight: Liza Gough Daniels

The aim of our art and design programme has always centred around improving the patient experience in environments which are typically seen as anxiety and stress-inducing. Aspects of our arts programme remain temporarily suspended due to COVID-19, and for the wellbeing of patients and staff. The artwork in our hospitals, however, remains and we hope that our existing interventions at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and at West Middlesex University Hospital continue to promote healing and positivity for patients and staff during these unprecedented times.

Liza Gough Daniels was born in the Forest of Dean and studied at the Slade and Cooper Union, New York. She was awarded the Abbey Award for Painting by the British Institute in Rome in 1995.

Gough Daniels’ series of round panels are reminiscent of the planets in the universe. The panels are interesting in that they contradict the pull of gravity and appear suspended or floating when installed. Their texture is also a point of interest, the artist pours the paint to create works which have an element of the uncontrollable. With Gough Daniels using paint as a liquid, the surface becomes a highly light-reflecting and light-absorbing material. She comments about the technique:

“Pouring paint is a way of liberating the hand and reducing compositional conventions and habits.”


There are a range of Gough Daniel’s pieces around Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. This particular collection can be found in the First Floor Antenatal Clinic.

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