Project Focus: West Middlesex University Hospital

To continue the celebration of West Middlesex’s 100th anniversary, we are showcasing some of the projects CW+ has undertaken at the hospital.

Although West Middlesex has a significant history pre-dating 100 years, we celebrate 17 September 1920 as the hospital’s ‘birthday’. It was on this day that the hospital was officially named ‘West Middlesex Hospital’.

Since its conception, West Middlesex has changed and evolved, ensuring it is always equipped to deliver high-quality care. CW+ has initiated, developed and completed many projects across the hospital which have helped to improve the hospital environment for both staff and patients, allowing the best possible experience for all.

In September 2017, we launched the Sun and Stars Appeal to transform the children’s inpatient wards. These wards provide care to over 8,000 babies, children, and young people every year. While the hospital staff on these wards were providing excellent care, the environment in which they patients were being treated required significant improvement.

Since the start of the appeal, we have completed a dedicated space for teenagers to enjoy during their hospital stay. Thanks to the generosity of local company SEGA® the previous outdated area was replaced with a bespoke room, designed by CW+ and teenage patients.

Young patients, their families, and staff were also central to the design process of the new playroom. We commissioned specialist indoor play manufacturers Tigerplay to transform the room, with a focus on traditional play such as cards, trucks, a playhouse, and kitchen toys.

The response from the community has been excellent, with local organisastions volunteering their time to painting the large space. Once the area has been refreshed, we will be installing artwork from London graphic artist, Supermundane. Supermundane, also known as Rob Lowe, has been commissioned to design and create bespoke wall designs, signage, and colour schemes.

One of our most recent projects at West Middlesex University Hospital is the updated Doctors’ Mess, which featured in last week’s Arts Blog. This space, the break-out and common area for Junior and Senior Doctors, was given a colourful transformation with a bespoke commission by artist Annu Kilpeläinen.

Annu Kilpeläinen

We are excited to see where the next 100 years take West Middlesex, and the future projects which will emerge. We will continue to support the hardworking team who provide such an excellent service to their local community. We are currently partnering with The Surface Design Studio to create a mural which will mark the efforts of West Middlesex’s staff, volunteers, and supporters during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can get involved and learn more here.