Our postnatal digital dashboard system at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, powered by Lumeon technology, has been shortlisted in the ‘Most Effective Contribution to Clinical Redesign’ category of the HSJ Partnership Awards 2020.  The awards celebrate the most effective partnerships with the NHS, highlighting the benefits of working with the private and third sectors for patients and NHS organisations. We look forward to finding out if we have won the award in February 2020.

Launched at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital back in February 2019 and funded by CW+, the postnatal digital discharge system improves the patient experience, increases efficiency and reduces costs at the hospital. All activities and tasks are orchestrated and automated in real time, with the ability to get a good overview of the care being delivered.

The digital dashboard allows multi-disciplinary team members to quickly see what they need to do next, and by when, for each patient to meet their discharge slot. Staff are able to communicate more effectively with new mums, and provide a more holistic overview as they prepare to go home.

The transformation project has been recognised in the HSJ Partnership Awards because of the impact it has had on patients and staff to date:

  • Average discharge times reduced
  • Savings in bed days, currently on track to achieve the target of 1000 bed days saved per year
  • Reduction in delays from delivery into maternity wards enabling the optimised scheduling of procedures
  • Improvement in consistency of information available and to be given to patients and their families
  • Visibility of patients’ care journey and next steps both on the ward and remotely – reducing unnecessary visits to the ward of staff from outside, reducing the time spent on the ward in verbal handover, increasing the time available for patient care.

This project is part of the CW Innovation programme, which focuses on introducing and embedding innovation projects that improve patient care, patient experience and the way we run our hospitals. Read more about the digital dashboard here.