The winner of this year’s Digital Health Rewired Pitchfest is announced

CardMedic, the company that has designed an app which aims to reduce health inequalities through improving communication between healthcare staff and patients, wins this year’s Digital Health Rewired Pitchfest 2022 and the unique opportunity to have their innovation tested and scaled at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust through our CW Innovation programme.

For the third consecutive year, the CW Innovation Programme has offered the winner of the Pitchfest start up competition a real-world test bed in whichever care setting their concept or start-up is based.

Chris Chaney, CEO of CW+, was on the judging panel at the live final of this year’s Pitchfest at Rewired and said: “A huge congratulations to CardMedic for winning this year’s Pitchfest, which was as competitive as ever.

“The last two years has catalysed a surge in new thinking and innovation, and through our flagship CW Innovation programme, we are delighted to have the opportunity to work with CardMedic to test and scale their innovation at the Trust, transforming patient services with this new and entrepreneurial solution across our organisation and beyond.”

Pitchfest 2022 entries were whittled down to 16 finalists before Digital Health Rewired 2022, with the competitors split into four heats. The intention was for one start-up from each online heat to be selected and move through to the live final on day two of Rewired at the Business Design Centre in London, however following a tie in the second heat two entrants progressed, meaning five competed in the live final.

The four runners-up were:

Healthtech 1 – a system which automates away admin tasks in primary care

Little Journey – a digital eSupport tool that psychologically prepares, informs and supports children and families before, during and after healthcare procedures through a mobile application

Sapien Health – a digital clinic for surgery that helps people prepare their mind and body for surgery through sustainable lifestyle changes

Sweatcoin – an app where your everyday steps convert into currency to spend on cool products, services, and charities.

For more information on our CW Innovation programme click here or read more about Rewired 2022 here.