Artwork celebrating the NHS 70th anniversary installed at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

The ‘NHS 70th Anniversary Print Portfolio’, a joyous and historic artwork display celebrating the 70th anniversary of the NHS, has been installed at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

In 2018, seven leading international artists were asked by Imperial Health Charity to produce limited edition prints, including Peter Blake, Jeremy Deller, Tom Hammick, Mona Hatoum, David Mach, Elizabeth Magill and Chris Orr, to raise funds to support some of London’s busiest hospitals.

The selection of images showcases different techniques and styles, from colour experimentation and mark making, to exciting collages and newsprint. The portfolio of prints appreciates and celebrates the vital role of the NHS and the significant part it plays in people’s lives.

We are grateful to Imperial Health Charity for gifting the hospital such an incredible exhibition that recognises and thanks the extraordinary staff that make up the NHS.

You can find the exhibition on the ground floor of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital near Costa, for staff, patients, and families to enjoy.