Grants Programme

The CW+ grants programme awards funding to Trust staff for projects that will help them to deliver better patient experience and care. We also have special calls throughout the year that target specific themes or staff groups at the Trust. 

We provide funding for:

  • Projects up to £50,000 that promote new clinical innovations, services, facilities and technologies through our Big Ideas grants. This could also include enhancements to the physical environment and hospital amenities, as well as art, wellbeing and participation activities. 
  •  Fast-track funding up to £2,000 that supports staff in the delivery of frontline patient care through our Small Change, Big Impact (SCBI) grants.  
  • Staff training and development opportunities up to £2,000 through our Training, Education and Development (TED) fund. 
  • Awards to promote staff wellbeing through our Staff Wellbeing and Amenities Grant (SWAG).
  • Support for clinical research through funding of the Trust’s Joint Research Committee (JRC).

See below for just a few example of grants we have awarded. For more information or guidance, please contact If you’re a staff member at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, find out how to apply for a grant here.

Electronic milk warmer for the Special Care Baby Unit at West Middlesex University Hospital, funded through our Big Ideas scheme (under £10,000)
An innovative mouthcare project to help reduce hospital-acquired pneumonia across the Trust, funded through our Nurses, Midwives and AHP call
A Virtual Reality headset used as distraction therapy on the Adult Burns Unit at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, funded through our SCBI scheme
Crash mats to reduce the incidence of harm to more vulnerable patients, and resources to increase awareness of new falls risk assessment tools, funded through our SCBI scheme
Fast-track walk-in contraceptive services for 10 Hammersmith Broadway, funded through our Big Ideas scheme (under £10,000)
Equipment to ensure efficient and effective care of newborns in Children’s A&E at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, funded through our Big Ideas scheme (under £10,000)

I would absolutely recommend applying for a grant with CW+. If you're not sure, have a conversation with the team. They are incredibly supportive and will help guide you.

Agnes Jai, Senior Sister, Special Care Baby Unit