Lunchtime Concerts


Every Thursday between 1pm-1:45pm at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, we host a free, public performance to entertain patients, visitors and staff.

Performances range from South Asian dance, classical music, Rock ‘n’ Roll bands, opera and much more.

Following the public performance, we take the performers to different wards so that patients and staff unable to leave the ward can enjoy some live music or dance.

If you work at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and would like us to visit your ward in the future, please contact Abbie.


January/February 2020

23rd Jan | Akademi
South Indian dance

30th Jan | Debbie Schippers Duo
Modern classic pop with a 70s vibe

6th Feb | Artists from Concordia 
Classical recital

13th Feb | Effie Duo 
R&B and pop

“As Thomas has grown older, he has become more and more engaged with the music; his favourite genre so far is Rock ‘n Roll, but he also enjoys hearing the bells and watching the swirling of the costumes worn by the South Asian dancers! I am so grateful to CW+ for providing such a wonderful resource for patients and visitors alike.”

Fiona Parsons Brown, mum to baby Thomas