Charlotte Cranidge holds a BA in Painting, and now practises in printmaking. She facilitates artistic workshops that aim to celebrate creativity and support the wellbeing and recovery of older adult patients at West Middlesex University Hospital.

Charlotte’s weekly workshop for CW+ is delivered either to small groups of patients, or at bedside – engaging as many people as possible. Sessions are carefully designed to help improve the dexterity, movement, and the concentration of the participants. Beyond her work in the hospital, Charlotte has been involved with Boston Manor House, Dulwich Picture Gallery and Orleans House Gallery. Her practice continues to evolve and explore art forms to find fresh ways of creating personable and playful experiences.

Another drawing activity that improves hand eye coordination, engages the senses and promote mindfulness. This sedative drawing activity will see you filing a page in no time. All you need to get started is some paper and a selection of drawing materials. Suitable for artists and beginners.

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Explore mark making, patterns and drawing to create collage images with a twist. Great for artists and beginners.

Create a grid full of drawings that reflect your interests, suitable for artists and beginners. You’ll just need to grab some paper and drawing materials to get started.

In Charlotte’s first video, explore how the Surrealists made their work and follow along by creating your own written and visual piece