For over 25 years, Theodora Children’s Charity has worked to improve the hospital experience for children and their families by sending in specially trained performers called Giggle Doctors. Their team of 33 Giggle Doctors visit children aged 0-18 in 21 hospitals, 3 hospices and 2 specialist care centres throughout England.

Giggle Doctors (Dr Snug, Dr Geehee and Dr Whoopee) usually visit Chelsea and Westminster Hospital every other Tuesday. With their personalised ‘doctor’ coats and individual characters, they spend time with children creating opportunities for them to play and laugh through music, storytelling and magical moments. With each visit, they aim to improve children’s experience of hospital by reducing distress and anxiety, increasing opportunities for play and improving wellbeing.

Whilst Giggle Doctors are currently unable to visit hospitals, they have created this series of videos to continue to bring smiles to children in hospital. Parents can also request a ‘Giggle-a-Gram’ from a Giggle Doctor, which is a personalised message for their child. To request a personalised messaged, please complete the Giggle-a-Gram form here:

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