Registered with the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) and a member of BADth (British Association of Dramatherapists), Grace Linstead is a qualified Dramatherapist. Grace works in child and adolescent physical and mental health, and bereavement. She has experience of patients within addiction rehabilitation, with learning disabilities and sensory impairment, as well as experience as a SEN & Inclusion play worker.

Grace is skilled in educational, pastoral, and intimate care for young people; as such, her sessions for CW+ take place on Mercury Ward at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. She delivers activities at patients’ bedsides, which creates space for self-awareness and emotional awareness. As an actor experienced in Movement and Theatre in Education, Grace also delivers group and individual Dramatherapy sessions in schools and healthcare settings.

Set some intentions of how you want to live and be in 2021. You will need some pens and paper for this video and there will be some movement involved.

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The Boy and the Tiger – a 20-minute story video on the theme of dreams.

For this 10 minute Christmas video, you will need a piece of paper and some pens or colouring pencils. Allow yourself to think of what your Christmas image is and create it on paper.

Grace tells the story of How the Fir Tree Became the Christmas Tree. Notice the images that come to your mind whilst the story is being told and hold onto these for Christmas Day!

Enjoy some mindfulness writing/journalling and explore home, the future and love in this session. You will need a pen and paper.

Use your imagination to transport yourself to a Winter Wonderland with friends and family where you can make snowmen and go sledging!

Nurture and explore your fears using movement, stories and drawings with Grace Linstead.

A meditation which focuses on your future Self, achieving goals and overcoming obstacles. For this video you will need some pens/pencils and paper.

Explore space, wants and needs with this exercise. For this video session you will need some pens/colouring pencils and paper.

Join Grace in a stretching and breathing session. Perfect if you have 30 minutes spare and need to unwind/relax.

Grace tells the story of The Invisible String. For this session you will need a pen/colouring pencils/felt tips and some paper for a drawing exercise after the story.

Join Grace Linstead, our Dramatherapist, in a meditative style video exploring where your personal safe place is.

Explore who is on your family tree with Grace Linstead. For this session you will need some drawing materials and some paper.

Explore how to picture, nurture and communicate with your inner child. For this video you will need a pen and paper.

Check in with your body and mind as Grace guides you through an some simple yoga and breathing exercises

Grace tells a story about living in the moment and being present: ‘Peter and the Golden Thread’

Explore your growth and who has supported you during these difficult times, using movement and the metaphor of a tree

Focus on the parts of yourself, the places and the people that you are grateful for in this video

This video takes you through breathing exercises and a mindfulness and meditation technique aimed to help to relax and transport you to a different location and state of mind

Walk in someone else’s shoes as Grace guides you through an activity which helps you to come away from yourself and step into a character

Create your own story with Grace, using fairy tale picture cards and your imagination. The possibilities and combinations are endless!

Explore habitat and animal movement qualities in this video with Grace Linstead

A movement video session by Grace Linstead, exploring the work of Rudolf Laban and expressionist movement

Grace tells a story about letting go – explore the story how you wish before returning to your own world.

Be transported elsewhere through movement and creativity whilst exploring feelings, emotions and perception

Grace tells a story about human interaction (and lack of it) – explore the story how you wish before returning to your own world.


Grace has also prepared two activity packs available for free download. They include breathing, storytelling and mindfulness activities to help you relax and explore your emotions through movement. Click the images below to download.