Sound and Music


Sound commission for the Chelsea and Westminster Imaging Department

CW+ has commissioned several new ‘soundscapes’ to be created for the Imaging Department at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. These are being developed by Coda to Coda, a London based studio who have designed music and sound for the Science Museum and Imperial War Museum, as well as for games, film and TV.

These soundscapes will enhance distraction and provide a much-needed noise mask in the department’s busy waiting areas, complementing the existing RELAX Digital screen content with natural sounds from rural and costal environments.

Furthermore, the layout of the department is complex and can be confusing, so this project will also explore how sound can enhance wayfinding. To this end, separate soundscapes will be created for each waiting area in order to give each one a distinct sonic identity, making them easily identifiable.

Music systems around our hospitals

Listening to music has been shown to reduce patient anxiety in a variety of hospital settings, providing an enjoyable distraction and masking unwanted noise. We have funded a wide range of sound systems throughout the hospital, from small Bluetooth speakers for music playback in operating theatres, to the large network of ceiling speakers which runs throughout the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Emergency Department.

We have also compiled bespoke playlists of music for use with these sound systems, including sections of classical music, jazz, and contemporary ambient music. Some examples of these playlists can be found below.