We are delighted to be a part of both national and international networks of arts in health professionals. As a leader in our field, we are keen to share resources with our colleagues in the NHS and further afield, including our research, guidelines, and a selection of digital artworks free of charge. If you are interested in installing our digital artworks in your healthcare environment, please contact us to find out more.


In 2016, CW+ commissioned a report from Design Consultancy Arup, which provided a summary and analysis of the key components of good patient facing healthcare design. This report became the foundation for the CW+ Design Standards Guide. Building the guide, we have illustrated the principles with our current research, as well as the case studies which informed the original enquiry.

An evolving document, the aim of this guide is to provide a coherent summary of the CW+ design philosophy, honed over years of practice, and to provide a mechanism for capturing, recording, and sharing our extensive work in the field of patient environment. Our intention is to use the Design Guide to inform future work and bring a cohesive and informed approach to the delivery of new schemes.

Click here to download the Design Standards Guide (October 2020)

RELAX Digital

RELAX is our creative digital technology programme which includes RELAX anaesthetics, RELAX surgical, and RELAX digital. The digital strand comprises of a series of over 50 films designed to be shown in waiting areas and treatment areas. The films have been specifically commissioned to be calming, and to provide positive distraction in the different spaces within hospital and health care environments. This catalogue of films also has curated playlists for different departments, spaces and patient groups.

The Zoo

The Zoo is a digital artwork designed specifically for paediatric distraction during medical assessment and procedures. It was developed with colleagues in our Children's Emergency Department and has since been installed in outpatient procedure rooms including Oncology, Phlebotomy, Ponseti (club foot), Fracture Clinic and Dental.

The Zoo, along with the Passport (an accompanying leaflet with fun facts about the animals), is currently the subject of a Randomised Control Trial to determine its impact on distress and perceived pain in the Children's Emergency Department.