Drawing Workshops

We have commissioned a series of short guided workshops for you to produce your own artworks based on the CW+ art collection. These video sessions look at mark making, shape, pattern, techniques and more. The workshops reflect the individual practices of artists who have been involved in the design of key areas around our hospitals, and who have been instrumental in the delivery of creative activities through our art and design programme.

Send in your artworks to us by emailing arts@cwplus.org.uk, or tag us on social media @cwpluscharity!

Andy Council

Bristol based artist Andy Council creates composite beasts made up of architectural landmarks and other recognisable elements. His work takes the form of illustration, painting and huge murals which can be seen across the UK and beyond, including two large-scale works at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. His drawing workshops can be followed by people of all abilities – don’t forget to send us your photos if you have a go!

How to draw a city Pickles (beginner)

How to draw a city fox (intermediate)

How to draw a city rhino (advanced)

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