Mark Levin is a professional harpist who regularly performs for events and weddings. He offers his audience a fresh take on harp music, arranging harp versions of modern songs. Under the name Harp for Hospitals , Mark has been delivering interactive harp sessions in hospitals, hospices, specialist health facilities and care homes for over a decade.

In his sessions for CW+, Mark works with both children and older adults, changing patient perception of harp music, through his contemporary repertoire. Making his sessions interactive, he allows patients to play his harp and entertains interested patients by teaching them the basics. In this manner, he introduces many to an instrument which may not have been previously experienced.

Advent Calendar

Watch the musical advent calendar below and guess as many harped up song snippets as you can. There are festive classics, film, and TV themes. You need to guess the tune for at least ten days in the calendar to be entered into a prize draw. Enter here.

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Relaxation Video: Fountain

Explore Relax Digital‘s ‘Yellow Field’ with accompanying harp rendition of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song”

Children’s Harp Poems Collection Vol. 2

Modern Harp Vol. 4

Relaxation Video: Weymouth Harbour

Relaxation Video: Park

Relaxation Video: Greenhouse

Modern Harp Vol. 3

Modern Harp Vol. 2

Sea and Pink Sky Relaxation Video

Aerial river music – Credits: Bluebird, Alexiss French and Carolan’s Dream, Carolan

Busy street relaxation video with a harp soundtrack

Music: ‘Glassworks: Opening’ by Philip Glass and ‘Donna Donna’,  by Sholom Secunda and Aaron Zeitlin.

Mark Levin – Harp Poems Vol. 1

Mark Levin – Modern Nursery Rhymes

St James’ Pond music – Theme from Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence, Ryuichi Sakamoto

Mark Levin: Modern Harp Medley