The Rhythm Studio Foundation was founded in 2011 with the goal of transforming the lives of young people through music. In association with the Rhythm Studio Academy of Music, they work with schools, hospitals and community groups to provide opportunities to economically underprivileged and socially disadvantaged young people who have limited access to music-making.

The Rhythm Studio Foundation has been working with CW+ for the past six years, delivering inspirational music workshops for young patients in the paediatric wards at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. Their tutor, Stacey DeLooze, has just launched a new book, ‘Eat Sleep Sing’, and corresponding videos for Virtual Connections, encouraging everyone to sing as a way of improving mental and physical wellbeing.

Tongue Twisters

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Vocal Fry and Humming

Lip Trills and Face Stretches

Intro to Stretching and Belly Breathing

Placement and the Mask

Tongue Twisters (download instructions)

How to build a habit (download instructions)

With Student ‘Nils’

Warm Up Routine

Christmas Singalong 2

Christmas Singalong 1

Eat Sleep Sing – Fly through

Eat Sleep Sing – Introduction

Fundrumentals – Beatboxing Part 1

Fundrumentals – Beatboxing Part 2

Fundrumentals – Beatboxing Part 3

Fundrumentals – Beatboxing Part 4

Fundrumentals – Beatboxing Part 5