Tabatha Andrews


In 2015, we were delighted to work with the Royal British Society of Sculptors to deliver the 2015 ‘FIRST@108: Public Art Award’. The winner of the award, Tabatha Andrews, created new pieces of work for installation in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

For the first piece, Tabatha created an intriguing and unique sculpture which engages and stimulates older patients in the hospital. The Dispensary is heavily influenced by the time she spent with patients during bedside and group workshops, resulting in a collection of personal memories that are waiting to be explored. The sculpture has been specifically designed for people with dementia, in particular those who are very anxious and agitated, providing them with something to interact with and to distract them when they are restless.

A cabinet with open doors displaying multiple objects

At first glance, The Dispensary could be mistaken for another piece of hospital furniture, but the quirky wood turned handles, the heavy grey wood colour, and old-fashioned gold bolt locks, invite the participant to discover what lies behind the doors. Depending on which side you open first, you are either greeted with a bright green or bright orange inside, containing an array of interactive wooden object some influenced by patient created Rorschach ink blots, musical boxes, and old postcards All of which have been designed to evoke memory, interaction and conversation between staff. We would like to thank the Royal British Society of Sculptors for partnering with us on this special award.

We are delighted to have been awarded Best Collaborative Arts Project (Static) at the prestigious 2017 Building Better Healthcare Awards for The Dispensary. Read more here.

Watch a short film about The Dispensary from The Royal Society of Sculptors below: