Brian Eno


As part of our RELAX Digital programme, we commissioned artist and composer Brian Eno to create digital artwork to feature in the waiting areas of the Fracture Clinic at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. Eno has created a digital wall of three screens showing different elements and shots of a slowly changing garden which he created at his home in Norfolk for the project. The work, which is a cross between time-lapse and real-time film, runs for many hours, captivating the viewer.

We have also worked with Eno to test whether music and art in the Surgical Admissions Lounge (SAL) actively reduces adult patient stress compared to normal unenhanced waiting spaces. Eno created soundscapes and audio-visual pieces for the SAL waiting areas, the first time he has worked within an NHS setting. The two pieces he produced were:

Ambient Painting #1
Eno created his 77 Million Paintings audio visual installation for Punkt in 2008. This piece utilizes generative software that constantly evolves sound and image-scape, creating 77 million aesthetic possibilities. It can be seen all around the world in multiple-monitor configurations. Ambient Painting #1 is a smaller version of the artwork installed in Surgical Admissions Lounge (SAL). This piece is formed by a forefront and background layer which are combined and overlaid to form an infinite number of possible “paintings”. Each layer has been hand drawn by Brian Eno.

Quiet Painting
Brian Eno’s light box is currently in Surgical Admissions Lounge, he believes in the functional side of music and art, and their therapeutic effect. The colour palette and rhythm of the changing light are calming and meditative therefore enhancing the area and creating a relaxing environment for the patient.