Exciting partnership with Microsoft Accelerator to bring new innovations to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

30 November 2017


We are delighted to announce the first NHS partnership with the Microsoft Accelerator (MSA) which will identify new innovations and technologies aimed at improving patient care and experience at our hospitals. The MSA is a programme which supports and empowers innovative start-up companies by providing tools, resources, connections, knowledge and expertise they need to become successful companies.

Dr. Lawrence Petalidis, Head of Innovation and Impact for CW+ said "Getting the NHS closer to cutting edge digital solutions is important. Working with the MSA will give CW+ access to a portfolio of new technologies to benefit our patients, and the MSA a faster route to adoption in healthcare".

Warwick Hill, CEO Microsoft Accelerator, says: “This is our first interaction with the NHS and working with CW+ has been key. I am delighted to see all this potential across so many clinical and training needs."

We are starting this partnership by collaborating with one of the MSA companies, Manual.to. Manual.to is a web platform for creating and distributing ‘any-lingual’ mixed media manuals on any device. These digital manuals can be created quickly and easily, without expert training or ability, to replace existing paper-based manuals.

We are working with Manual.to on several projects to benefit staff and patients at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. These projects include providing hospital staff with accessible, up to date training and guidance.

Christine Catlin, Assistant Director of Learning and Organisational Development, commented: “Manual.to is a good way of passing information to staff in an interactive way and provide reference materials at the point of need. We can see it being used for clinical and non-clinical training and look forward to integrating it into our new eLearning tool.”

Jorim Rademaker, Founder of Manual.to, says: “Our interaction with CW+ has led to great new applications for the Manual.to technology. We have identified new business cases, and are working with CW+ to create great value for different [hospital] departments and organisations. Using the Manual.to technology, we can kickstart new knowledge sharing initiatives that reduce the time-to-publish and enable better learning.”

We look forward to developing this partnership with the Microsoft Accelerator to bring the latest innovations to our patients at both our hospitals and improve patient care.  

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