We invested in a novel clinical observations platform called ThinkVitals™ which enables clinicians to electronically capture patients’ vital signs. ThinkVitals™ is a tablet-based solution replacing paper-based patient vital sign documentation. This means that patient blood pressure, temperature, pulse rate and other vital sign observations that were previously recorded manually can now be captured, stored, viewed and processed digitally.

The software automatically calculates early warning scores, helping identify and act on patient deterioration and sepsis earlier. Sepsis, also referred to as blood poisoning or septicaemia, is a potentially life-threatening condition triggered by an infection or injury which claims over 35,000 lives in the UK each year - more than bowel, prostate and breast cancer combined. Early detection of sepsis could dramatically reduce the number of deaths. Sepsis prevention is a key strategic focus for both the hospital and the NHS as a whole.

The new technology offers an easy, fully auditable visualisation of patient vital signs over time. The software will also help support research within the hospital to improve patient health. ThinkVitals™ has become an integral part of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust strategy and is being deployed throughout the hospital.

"CW+ is helping to improve the way we deliver patient care, by investing in technology that can make the recording of patients’ vital signs more accurate, but also reduce the burden of manual, paper-based tasks for doctors and nurses."

Dr Gary Davies, Clinical Director for Acute Medicine Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


Watch a short video about how staff are using ThinkVitalsTM at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital: 

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