Our art and design programme - which combines digital, visual and performing arts with innovative design - aims to transform the hospital experience and environment for patients, their families and the staff who care for them.

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Critical Care Campaign

We are raising £12.5 million to support the expansion and redevelopment of both the adult and neonatal intensive care units at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. We are designing a patient-focused environment which will transform our care and patient experience. This innovative, new model of care and world-class environment will improve clinical outcomes, reduce costs, improve efficiency and reduce risks for our patients. It will become one of the leading Critical Care services in the UK, influencing NHS guidelines and best practice nationally and beyond.

Read more about the campaign here


A&E Redevelopment 

The hospital recently underwent a major capital redevelopment and expansion of the department to be able to treat up to 140,000 patients.

We worked closely with the hospital to design the new Emergency Department based on research which shows how light, colour, smell and sound can affect hormones, brain activity and the way people behave1. Thanks to our generous supporters, we brought together artists and designers to create a calmer environment in which to be treated. This enhanced environment aims to lower patient anxiety and improve clinical outcomes, such as reducing waiting times, stress and pain, and faster recovery.

Site-specific visual and digital art commissions, adaptable lighting, distracting ceiling light boxes and window manifestations and bespoke music playlists feature throughout the redevelopment. Read more about this project here.



We enhance the hospital experience for all our patients, by working with musicians, dancers, gardeners and artists to provide daily participatory arts, crafts, music and sensory sessions. For younger patients, these activities encourage play and provide entertainment and distraction. For older patients, especially those with dementia or who have suffered a stroke, these sessions maintain and stimulate cognitive function as well as encourage creativity, imagination and social interaction.

Read more about our Participation programme here.


CW+ MediCinema

In partnership with MediCinema and thanks to our generous supporters, we have brought the magic of the movies to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

Patients can enjoy the latest film releases, free of charge, right in the heart of the hospital. Patients are encouraged to bring family members or carers along to share the experience together. The state-of-the-art cinema is fully digitalised with 3D screen and Dolby Surround Sound, 40 luxury cinema seats and capacity for six wheelchairs and five beds, which enables patients to enjoy time away from wards with their loved ones. Two nurses are present at every screening so patients can continue to be cared for.

Read more about the CW+ MediCinema here.


CW+ Art Collection

Our visual and digital arts collection, displayed in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, is made up of over 1000 artworks, many of which are bespoke commissions.

View some of our collection highlights here.



1Reducing violence and aggression in A&E, Design Council 2011
Buck D, Gregory S (2013). Improving the public’s health: a resource for local authorities. London: The King’s Fund

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