Transforming mental health care with new bespoke designs

16 May 2018


Two new bespoke rooms have been designed for mental health patients at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and West Middlesex University Hospital. We have been working with design studio Boex and artist Ptolemy Mann to create safe, comfortable rooms for patients.

At Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, the mental health assessment room in the Emergency Department has been transformed. Boex design studio created a bespoke reclining couch for patients to sit or lay down on during their assessment. Specialist, dimmable lighting has been built into the ceiling and the seating, allowing patients and staff to control the levels of light in the room. Artist and designer Ptolemy Mann worked with staff and patients to develop a calming wallpaper design bringing relaxing blues and greens together in a delicate gradient. Together, the colours, lighting and furniture in the room create a space that is calming, comfortable and safe.

At West Middlesex University Hospital, we created a specialist room on Starlight, the children's inpatient ward. Ptolemy's wallpaper designs have been on the walls to add calming colours, a TV has been installed into the wall, and comfy beanbags provided.

Trystan Hawkins, Director of Patient Environment at CW+ said: "Providing the right environment for our patients experiencing mental health problems has been desperately needed. We are now able to provide safe and relaxing environments which are being used by hundreds of patients each week".

Paul Morris, Lead Nurse for Mental Health added: "These new specially designed rooms will have a huge impact on the safety and experience of our patients with mental health needs - they are designed to provide a calm and non-clinical environment that also demonstrates to patients that we take their mental health needs seriously and compassionately. The feedback from patients about the newly finished rooms has been overwhelmingly positive."

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