Care of Older People Programme

CW+ has a vision for how we can, in partnership with the hospital, transform the ward environment and experience for our older patients. Our Care of Older People Programme aims to help maintain and improve visual awareness, cognitive function, and promote positive social engagement.

Participatory Activities

We offer daily participatory activities for patients in both visual and performing arts which help maintain and stimulate cognitive function as well as encouraging creativity and imagination. In these workshops, patients are able to express themselves through a variety of media, including painting, movement, music and gardening, as well as engaging socially with each other and staff members. So far sessions have improved patient confidence, mood and wellbeing.

Arts and Crafts Workshops

We deliver arts and craft sessions in all older people wards for patients and their families to take part in. Sessions are delivered in a group setting to encourage social interaction, helping to combat isolation and loneliness, which can be common in hospital. These workshops are usually themed around a piece of artwork from our collection displayed throughout the hospital. 

Hammersmith Community Garden Association

Working in partnership with Hammersmith Community Garden Association (HCGA), we deliver weekly therapeutic gardening workshops for older people in the hospital. These workshops are designed to help with physical, social, emotional and psychological needs of patients using the natural environment. Patients explore their senses through a variety of plants using smell and touch which helps maintain and improve cognitive function and reduce agitated behaviour. Sessions are held in the day room, encouraging patients to come together and socialise with each other, helping to combat isolation which is common among older people.

Memory Lane

Research shows music for elderly patients is an excellent way to improve visual awareness, focus attention, improve auditory and verbal memory and improve mood. In partnership with the Royal College of Music, Maria Marchant, plays patients’ favourite songs on the piano: a trip down memory lane. Requests range from Bach to the Beatles.

Playlist for Life

In partnership with Investec Opera Holland Park and Playlist for Life, this project involves creating personalised music playlists with patients using an iPad, to encourage patients to reminisce and connect with their past and their identity.  Personalised music listening has been shown to provide an opportunity for families and carers to share experiences with their loved ones, stimulate the brain to prompt specific neural connections and alleviate anxiety and depression. Patients, relatives and staff are then invited to live music performances from Opera Holland Park on the ward, showcasing favourite music from individual playlists.

Creating a healing environment

There is growing evidence to show that the hospital environment can have a real impact on patient recovery and wellbeing. For patients with dementia, being in an unfamiliar setting such as hospital can often cause more confusion and distress.

CW+ FIRST@108: Public Art Award: 'The Dispensary'

We are delighted to be working with the Royal British Society of Sculptors to deliver the 2015 'FIRST@108: Public Art Award', providing the opportunity for this years winner Tabatha Andrews, to create two new pieces of work for installation in the hospital.

Tabatha's first piece, The Dispensary, is heavily influenced by the time she spent with patients during bedside and group workshops, resulting in a collection of personal memories that are waiting to be explored. The sculpture has been specially designed for people with dementia, in particular those who are very anxious and agitated, providing them with something to interact with and to also stimulate them when they are restless. Click here to watch a short film about the making of The Dispensary.

CW+ Greenhaven

The CW+ Greenhaven was created in collaboration with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and renowned landscape artist Jinny Blom. This indoor garden provides a quiet space for patients to visit and get away from the ward, as well as a space for visitors and staff to enjoy. Patient interaction with plants and foliage improves cognitive function and reduces agitated behaviour.

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