Music, Dance and Theatre

Our extensive performing arts programme brings music, theatre and dance to improve the hospital experience for patients and families. Highlights from our programme include:

Lunchtime Performance

Every Thursday between 1 - 1.45pm at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, we host a free, public performance to entertain patients, visitors and staff. Performances range from South Asian Dance, classical music, rock 'n roll bands, opera, and much more. Following the public performance, we take the performers to different wards so that patients and staff unable to leave the ward can enjoy some live music or dance. Find out what's on here.

Memory Lane

As part of our Care of Older People programme and in partnership with the Royal College of Music, every week our pianist-in-residence Maria Marchant plays patients’ favourite songs on the piano: a trip down memory lane. Requests range from Bach to the Beatles. Research shows music for elderly patients is an excellent way to improve visual awareness, focus attention, improve auditory and verbal memory and improve mood.

Rambert Dance Classes

In partnership with renowned dance company Rambert, these five-week courses are a wonderful support to hospital treatment or rehabilitation. Each class includes gentle warm-ups and enjoyable movement exercises to music that promote well-being through mobilisation and relaxation. 

Chickenshed Theatre Company

Through storytelling, music, movement, puppetry and sensory experiences, as well as lots of fun and laughter, our partners Chickenshed Theatre Company help children to escape the hospital into a world of fantasy and imagination. Working with small groups on the ward or one-to-one with patients in isolation, children are invited to explore their own creative ideas by making suggestions to professional performers. 

Rhythm Studio

The Rhythm Studio Foundation bring toe-tapping percussion workshops to children spending time on Mercury and Neptune wards. Children and families are invited to make music using drums, bells and other instruments, as well as take part in singing, dancing and cheerleading.


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