Enhancing patient and staff wellbeing

Improving the physical and mental wellbeing of patients, staff and members of our wider community is at the heart of what we do.  

Our pioneering Arts in Health programme focuses on the link between human health and the environment, building on the robust body of evidence that outstanding design and engagement with the arts can improve physical and mental wellbeing. We want to ensure the continuation and further development of this work.  

Frontline staff are often the people best qualified to identify where improvements can be made, health inequalities addressed, and wellbeing and training needs met. Our Grants programme has already funded a wide range of projects that have resulted in better care for patients and a better working environment for staff. We want to make funding quicker and easier to access, ensuring that more members of staff at all levels of our Trust can receive the support they deserve.  

In addition, we are committed to continuing our support of the Trust Volunteering Programme over the term of the campaign, as well as working with partners to expand the Neonatal Palliative Care Project at what is a very challenging time for this specialty.  

To fund this important work, we’re hoping to raise £2m.