Artwork Spotlight: Tim Woolcock

The aim of our art and design programme has always centred around improving the patient experience in environments which are typically seen as anxiety and stress-inducing. Due to COVID-19, we have temporarily suspended aspects of our arts programme for the wellbeing of patients and staff. The artwork in our hospitals, however, remains and we hope that our existing interventions at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and at West Middlesex University Hospital continue to promote healing and positivity for patients and staff during these unprecedented times.

One of our more recent additions to the CW+ collection comes from Tim Woolcock. Tim Woolcock (b. 1952, Lancashire, England) is a Modern British painter. Tim’s paintings draw inspiration from modern British painters, particularly the traditions of the 1950s and St Ives School group of artists. Tim’s work reflects his knowledge of Zen and understanding of the natural world, featuring strong pigments and fractured geometric forms, with refined and delicate use of colour.

Tim’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and can be found in private and public collections worldwide. His newest piece, Blue and Turquoise Amalgam was created specifically for Chelsea and Westminster Hospital as Tim and his family have spent time at the hospital as patients, and Tim wanted to give something back in gratitude. We were lucky enough to have Tim visit Blue and Turquoise Amalgam at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital earlier on in the year, and discuss his work in more depth.

Tim’s painting can be found hung in the second floor atrium (Lift Bank B) at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

Tim Woolcock visits Blue and Turquoise Amalgam at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in February
Tim Woolcock's Blue and Turquoise Amalgam (2019)