Find out how we’re working to treat more patients in our community, faster

The challenge

Our hospital needs your help in reducing the time that people have to wait for scheduled surgery. We want to make sure people can be seen quicker and feel better while they are with us – something we know makes a huge difference to how quickly they can go home.

The Treatment Centre at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital provides a wide range of day surgery and procedures to around 7,000 patients a year. These include hernia repairs, varicose veins, keyhole surgery, cataracts, bladder investigations and laser surgery.

Some of the facilities are now 30 years old and the operating theatres have not been refurbished since they were built. The existing Centre is dated, and its capacity and layout no longer meet the needs and expectations of our patients and staff.

Current issues include:

  • a cramped and unwelcoming environment for our staff and patients
  • a lack of privacy for patients as they prepare for and recover from their surgery
  • limited space to perform the number of surgeries needed by our patient population, resulting in higher than acceptable waiting times

The solution

The existing Treatment Centre will be remodelled to provide the flexibility to respond to growing patient numbers and advances in surgical practice. This will include the refurbishment of five existing operating theatres. In addition, we will build two brand-new, state-of-the-art theatres, increasing both the volume and range of procedures that can be offered.

This will mean:

  • a 74% increase in the size of the unit
  • more than 2,000 additional patients seen each year (an increase of approximately a third)
  • less waiting, an improved experience, and faster recovery and discharge so that people can get back home as soon as possible
  • a sector-leading 23-hour ward, allowing for more complex procedures without the need for patients to stay overnight
  • the modernisation of facilities, including better rest areas for our amazing staff
  • the introduction of new technologies to improve patient experience

Drawing on our in-house design expertise and in close consultation with the people who use the space every day, CW+ will elevate the environment from functional to first-class. The new unit will be a first in the NHS, serving as a template for other hospitals and health systems.

£16m has already been committed by the NHS. CW+ is now looking to raise £10m to establish this best-in-class unit.

‘A new facility that reflects the way we work today will have a great impact on the work we do, increasing efficiency and allowing us to treat significantly more patients’

-Gordon McArthur, Consultant Plastic Surgeon

Help us build this vital new unit for our community – thank you for your support.