100 Years of West Middlesex

To celebrate West Middlesex’s 100th anniversary on 17 September 2020, we are launching an online exhibition, displaying key moments of the hospital’s past. We’ll be celebrating the fascinating stories from our staff and the local community, and finding out what makes West Mid such a special place.

Join us on TwitterInstagram and Facebook as we share profiles from some key West Mid characters and explore the hospital’s rich history. Don’t forget to share your own special memories, photos and stories with us on social media using the hashtag #WESTMID100.

Hear from some of West Middlesex’s key leaders, staff and supporters in this short film:

We have chosen to celebrate 17 September 1920 as the ‘birthday’ of West Middlesex, as it was on this day that the hospital was officially named ‘West Middlesex Hospital’. However, the hospital has a long and rich history extending far into the past – the earliest map showing the hospital grounds is dated 1635, and during the Great Plague of the 17th century, patients were cared for on site in a small isolation hospital by the Twickenham Road grounds. West Middlesex was heavily impacted by the Blitz during the Second World War, particularly the Queen Mary Maternity Unit, which needed to be rebuilt.

Moving into the 21st century, West Middlesex has undergone several modernisation works and redevelopments, and now hosts a surgical block, x-ray department, a critical care department, an integrated paediatric unit and an accident and emergency department. The hospital has constantly changed to meet the needs of the community, and will continue to change as the local population evolves – we look forward to exploring this changing landscape in our celebrations of West Middlesex’s centenary this year.

In this video message, Norwegian Ambassador to the UK Wegger Chr. Strommen shares the story behind the remarkable connection between Norway and West Middlesex, from the Second World War to today.

We are fortunate to have a history of pioneering staff at West Middlesex: many past staff members have been vital to the development and improvement of care and treatment at West Middlesex and beyond, and we continue to celebrate the legacy of their work, as well as the new innovative projects carried out by our current staff. Dr Marjory Warren was one such staff member: her important work transformed the study and treatment of diseases in older patients, and her methods went on to change geriatric units both in the UK and abroad. In 1988, the Marjory Warren Ward was opened for older people at West Middlesex – a fitting tribute for her significant research and work.

We are proud that West Middlesex is home to staff from around the world, particularly since the postwar period, when the government first launched a targeted campaign to encourage international healthcare workers to come to Britain. This year, we are also celebrating 20 years since our first Filipino nurses arrived at West Middlesex, who have not only added to the international culture of our hospital staff, but also to the local community.

We look forward to sharing stories and archive photos like these in more depth soon! Check back here for updates.