Our award-winning arts in health programme combines visual and performing arts with live music and dance; participatory music, art and craft workshops; film screenings at the CW+ MediCinema; innovative design and green spaces; as well as our collection of over 2,000 works of art and digital installations to transform the hospital environment for patients, families, volunteers and staff.

Watch our short film below to find out more about our Arts in Health programme:

Click below to watch a video on 'Journeys: The Healing Arts' – our exhibition at Saatchi Gallery:

  • Arts For All

    In partnership with staff, patients, artists and partners, we designed our Arts for All programme to provide meaningful cultural opportunities, which offer distraction, engagement and social interaction.

  • Design and Environment

    Our Design and Environment programme transforms and enhances clinical spaces. We work with renowned partners who specialise in health, technology and environmental design, bringing together the healing power of art and the latest innovations in design to create a patient-focused environment.

  • Future Hospital

    We work with a diverse range of health technology partners with the aim of further investing in healthcare technology to elevate patient care, empowering our staff and enhancing patient experience.

  • Research and Evaluation

    Underpinning our arts in health programme is a robust body of evidence that clearly demonstrates the impact on patient outcomes, care delivery and cost effectiveness of these programmes and enhancements.

  • Art Collection

    Research has shown that visual art has a positive effect in healthcare settings. Our visual and digital hospital arts collection, displayed at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, is made up of over 2,000 artworks, many of which are bespoke commissions.

  • 'The Healing Arts' Book

    We are delighted to have published a book to celebrate our pioneering arts in health programme which we have been running for over 25 years.

Virtual Connections

Virtual Connections is our online arts programme, created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to support the health and wellbeing of our patients, staff and those self-isolating in the wider community.

Explore a wide range of creative workshops we have on offer, including mindfulness, creative movement, harp recitals and art history.

CW+ Conversations

CW+ Conversations is our arts in health webinar series. We aim to bring together people from different disciplines and settings in a conversational space to explore different topics relating to arts and design in the hospital environment, catering to those with interests in architecture/design, arts in health practice, emerging technology, research, and clinical innovation.