Yoga with Juliet

Juliet is a London-based yoga teacher who has partnered with us to lead some short online yoga classes in Vinyasa Flow and Yin. Vinyasa is a dynamic and energetic form of yoga practice focusing on strength and mobility. Yin yoga is the opposite: a yoga practice based on Chinese meridian theory where the body is held in a posture for 3-5mins in order to stimulate the ‘chi’ or flow of energy within the body. All classes are tailored for a range of physical abilities and experience; from beginners to advanced yogis, and from mature bodies to athletes.

5 Minute Meditation

Yoga in your coffee break

Yoga to Boost the Immune System

Yoga to open your heart

Eagle & Humble Warrior Flow 

Yoga for mobility

Gentle Morning Flow

Yoga to boost immunity

Christmas Detox Yoga

Sun Salutations

Introduction to Yin Yoga

Yoga for the neck and shoulders

Bed Yoga

Yoga for the hamstrings

Floor Flow

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