Artists design scarves to help patients with respiratory illnesses

We have commissioned several renowned artists to design unique scarf patterns for our new project, #ScarfUp.

Artists were invited to create and donate unique scarf patterns reflecting their personal artistic styles, which have been translated into knitting patterns for members of the local community to download here. Special thanks to contributing artist Bryony Phipps-Wardle, who transformed all of our artists’ designs into knitting patterns for us.

Volunteer knitters are encouraged to make and donate these scarves to the hospital, so that patients can receive them when returning for follow-up appointments.

The scarves will be used by those suffering from asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and patients recovering from COVID-19, particularly as we enter the colder autumn and winter months and prepare for a second wave of Coronavirus.

Source image from artist Michael Landy.

“As we head into winter, it is important that patients with asthma and COPD, as well as those recovering from COVID-19, are able to protect themselves from cold air and respiratory illnesses,” said Gary Davies, Medical Director at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. “Thanks to these artists and our volunteer knitters, we hope that this initiative will support our patients over the winter and reduce the number of exacerbations.”

These scarves will not replace face coverings to help protect people from catching Coronavirus, but may be used in addition to face masks.

Currently, nine artists have designed scarf patterns for the #ScarfUp project: A Space Between, Annie Morris, Bryony Phipps-Wardle, Caragh Thuring, Charlotte Cranidge, Denzil Forrester, Michael Landy, Supermundane, and Victoria Delphine Moore.

“With different designs from so many talented artists, we hope that there will be a scarf to suit everyone,” said Trystan Hawkins, our Director of Patient Environment. “Our main aim is to help patients with respiratory diseases, and to send them a message of love and wellness using these unique scarf designs.”

Scarf design from artist Bryony Phipps Wardle

The CW+ #ScarfUp project is inspired by the Asthma UK #Scarfie campaign to encourage asthmatics to wear scarves around their mouths and noses, helping to prevent asthma attacks.

COPD and asthma patients and those recovering from COVID-19 are particularly vulnerable to further respiratory illness, and research indicates that these scarves may aid in avoiding illness this winter.

Click here to view all the designs, and download the patterns.