CW Innovation partner Patchwork Health launches digital staff bank solution for NHS

Patchwork Health partnered with Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust via the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator programme in 2019 on their digital staff bank solution, which has been selected to power pioneering new initiatives across parts of the NHS to improve temporary staffing.

Patchwork Health’s innovative technology connects NHS organisations to a pool of available clinicians who can fill shift vacancies, which in turn reduces reliance on locum agencies and improves the flexible bank working experience.

Region-focused staff banks have been created with Patchwork Health in areas including North West London – involving Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust – and the North West of England as part of the North West Doctors in Training Collaborative Staff Bank.

Patchwork Health was one of the early partners of CW Innovation, a joint programme run between Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and CW+, which today has a portfolio of over 80 innovation projects, next-generation care tools and services.

Rob Hodgkiss, Deputy CEO and Chief Operating Officer at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust explains; “We are proud to have contributed to Patchwork Health’s success story. Our work together is a great example of how CW Innovation enables the testing and scaling of high-impact innovations and technologies to roll-out across the NHS network.”

Dr Anas Nader, CEO at Patchwork Health, adds; “We are grateful for the ongoing collaboration with CW Innovation and are looking forward to the broader roll-out of this bank across the NHS. Digitising temporary staffing brings huge benefits for clinicians and Trusts, helping them to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and offer clinicians more flexibility over their shift patterns. During the COVID-19 crisis, we also saw the impact regional banks can have when staffing pressures are at their highest. This new system will strengthen Trusts’ ability to respond rapidly and effectively to any future crises.”